Thunder Road: Vendetta

Created by Restoration Games

The classic game from 1986 is revved up, reloaded, and ready to go! You will need to add a copy of the base game or the Maximum Chrome edition in order to view the other items to add to your order. Your order will be canceled if it does not have a copy of at least one copy of them.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Current Timeline + Revised Chopper Sculpt
2 days ago – Sun, Jul 03, 2022 at 08:45:56 PM

Hi, everybody. Just a quick update to let you know where things are. We are in the murky phase where most of pre-production is done and some actual production has begun. All of the print materials are done with the exception of the rulebooks. We are taking some extra time on the consolidated Maximum Chrome book. Rather than just jam all the individual rulebooks together, we're trying to interweave the various rules so it's a more cohesive document, and that's a big challenge. I hope to get that wrapped up in the next week or so. We're also waiting to finalize the individual rulebooks in case we end up making any tweaks from this work that should find their way into those. I'll post the final rulebooks when those get done.

The punchboard, road boards, dice, and most of the plastics are done, and tooling has begun. We made a couple of tweaks to some plastic colors and the Big Rig model. We've started designing the custom Maximum Chrome insert. We also updated the chopper model, notably in the shape of the stand to give it a more "swoopy" feel appropriate to an aircraft.

As of now, we are still on our initial fulfillment timeline, and the logistics situation seems stable for now. That said, there is another wave of COVID lockdowns hitting parts of China right now. We should enter mass production by next month, and we'll have a better idea then if the overall timeline will be impacted.

Check Out Our Bottoms!
about 1 month ago – Fri, Jun 03, 2022 at 09:12:32 PM

Pre-production continues as scheduled. We are finishing up all of the last few details: one more proofreading pass on the rulebooks, generating UPC codes, tweaks to the 3D models (the chopper stand is curved now!), that sort of thing. We did just recently hear from Panda that they are experiencing COVID-related delays, which have impacted some of our other projects. But, for now, no change to the timeline. If that happens, we will let folks know. In the meantime, the Picture People finished putting together the box bottoms -- you know, the thing you immediately flip over to when you grab a game off the store shelf. Let's have a look.

Base Game (Kickstarter edition)
Big Rig and the Final Five
Carnage at Devil's Run
Choppe Shoppe Box Bottom
Maximum Chrome Box Bottom
Maximum Chrome Slip Sheet

Smooth Ride So Far ... With a Little Carnage
about 2 months ago – Sun, May 08, 2022 at 03:43:19 AM

Back behind the wheel after my vacation, and I'm happy to report that things are still going smoothly. I'm still digging out from the DMs that built up, but should get through those over the next day or two. So if you sent me a message and haven't heard back, that should happen shortly. Reminder that BackerKit pledges are now closed. If you haven't completed your survey in BackerKit yet, please do so as soon as possible. If you're having an issue with your survey, please reach out to BackerKit help first. If they can't help you out, they'll direct you my way at that point. Pre-production is already underway, as Panda are finalizing print files and "cutting steel". I should have some fun photos or videos of the process in future updates. In the meantime, I thought you might have fun checking out the final road board art from the Carnage at Devil's Run expansion. You can see some of the fun details on the board along with the lovely title art on the border.

Retailer Order Lock Down Is Tuesday, May 10
2 months ago – Fri, May 06, 2022 at 06:29:48 AM

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Surveys + BackerKit Closing Date + Shipping + More
3 months ago – Fri, Apr 08, 2022 at 01:35:05 AM

Apologies for the radio silence. We had a lot of little things we've been working on behind the scenes, and I wanted to get things squared away. That said, we have a lot to cover, so let's get to it.

Survey Status: We had a glitch that prevented a batch of surveys from going out (mostly to our retailer backers). That has now been fixed, and all surveys are officially out. At this point, if you did not receive a survey, please double-check your spam folder and, if you can't find the invite, message me here on Kickstarter. We encourage everyone to fill out their survey as soon as possible. If you need help filling out your survey, please review the instructions in our prior update. Keep in mind, we will not run cards and you can continue to make changes until we close the pledge manager. Which brings me to....

BackerKit Closing Date: We had previously targeted April 15 to close the pledge manager. However, we have decided to push that back. We will be closing BackerKit on April 22. Within 48 hours after that date, we will run the credit cards. (For our retailer backers, we will hold the pledge manager open a little while longer; we have not determined that date yet.)

Shipping Stuff: Two quick things about shipping. First, as requested, we have added an option in BackerKit to require a signature for delivery. Some folks have issues with deliveries. If a signature would help solve that problem, you can add it like a regular add-on in your survey in BackerKit. The charge represents the additional nominal cost from the courier that we are merely passing on to you. Second, some folks asked about charging reduced shipping if they wanted to get a second copy of the game. We took a lot of time to see if we could make that work, and we simply could not. For US continental, we were already subsidizing a small portion of the shipping, so the additional nominal shipping was still pretty significant. For other destinations, when you factor in VAT and freight, there was basically no difference at all. Factor in the potential logistical issues dealing with different skus for the same product, and we didn't feel comfortable giving it go. For those folks who were interested in this option, I'm sorry we couldn't make it work.

Extra Dice and Extra Vehicles: For those who haven't seen, we were able to make bonus sets of the FX dice and the vehicles available to add in your survey. The vehicles are unwashed so you can paint or mod them as you like. We can't wait to see what you come up with.

Art Update: While Jenn and I have been doing all the drudgery, the Picture People have continued working on the game's appearance. In addition to all of the great artwork from the illustrators, they also put a lot of time and attention toward the graphic design to make the game both look and play great. Here's a quick look at the final treatment they gave to the car dashboards.

When one of your cars gets eliminated, you'll flip the dashboard to its eliminated sign. Time to get that engine checked!

One Final Note: I'm heading out of the country for two weeks, leaving on Tuesday. I'll have limited internet access during that time, but I will do my best to stay on top of things until I get back. Jenn will also be around. Just bear in mind that we might be a little longer to reply than normal. And, perhaps most importantly of all, everything is proceeding apace, and we remain on target to commence fulfillment in November.